flannel friday: tom turkey's colorful tail/tale...

I am hoping to get this Flannel Friday post in just under the wire, so here I go!

 Ever wonder how Tom Turkey went from this:

Looking kinda drab there, Thomas...

To this?:

Tom's looking like a cousin of the NBC peacock! 

Well, let's just say there were a few steps in between:

I don't think Madonna went through this many incarnations...

I cheat a little this week and present to you a flannel story that was already made by a previous librarian here at our library! All the Toms are made out of paper and colored with crayon or marker or printed onto colored paper. I will share a link to a Google Doc copy of the story soon, but the basic gist is that Tom was pretty happy as a brown turkey - until he went for a walk and let all the animals in the area get inside his head and make him feel insecure. He meets a blue bird, a rabbit, a snake, a red-headed woodpecker, a chick, a pumpkin, and a cat (pink is paired with the cat... weird, I know). In the end, Tom meets some kids who give him a bath but some of the stubborn colors just won't come out.

I'll probably remake or at least laminate these for the future... and I will try to trace a template for those of you who are interested and I'll post that, too!

Now, off to post this post on Twitter in the hopes that I am not too late to join Katie's roundup!

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Melissa ZD said...

This is great! I made a version of Scat the Cat for our Halloween storytime kits, and was trying to think of other ways I could adapt that story--this is perfect!

Library Quine said...

What a lovely turkey tale! Maybe the pink cat was one of those hairless ones?