flannel friday: aww, turkey feathers...

I seriously need help. I read the post on the FF Facebook group that said that we could list all our postings there... and I was like, "Wow - people are getting their posts done early!"

And then I realized it was Friday morning.

I missed last week because I was out of the building at a meeting - I didn't want to miss this week because I am a creature of habit and I was afraid of slipping into that one (not posting). :)

So, without further ado...

Turkey Feathers!
Here's the star of the Thanksgiving show (though I doubt that was a role he sought for himself)! This turkey - hereafter referred to as 'Tom' - was inspired by the work of Anne, Andrea, and Allison. I loved the idea of having the turkey bend over to show off his feathers and the songs that you could use to count or identify colors.

Tom's nekkid!
Now, I have to tell you - Tom's a bit of a miracle. When I went to start putting him together this morning, I discovered that I only had scraps of brown felt left. SCRAPS, people. Tom is made of nearly ALL the brown I had - and his little body is about the size of the average woman's (I think I'm pretty average) hand spread out. I guess he was just meant to be!

Lookin' good, buddy!
I added little tiny pieces of velcro to the feathers I picked out for his tail. I am not sure that this part of the flannel will survive until next year, but MAN are these feathers pretty! You'll notice two shades of green and two shades of blue. Not ideal for talking about colors with the littlest patrons, but I needed them to get to ten  feathers total in Tom's tail - ten being a great number for counting and all. 

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Happy Flannel Friday! 


Anne said...

Tom turned out so cute!

Library Quine said...

This is one fabulous turkey!

The Library Lady said...

He is gorgeous beyond gorgeous!

Erin said...

I love the idea of using colorful feathers for the turkey's tail! I just used regular felt for mine, but I think I'll be changing that next Thanksgiving. ;)