flannel friday... five little dinos!

Hey, all! Today's Flannel Friday post is not original, but is super cute nonetheless. I am in the process of planning the second session of fall storytimes and next week's theme is "Diggin' Dinosaurs". As I trolled my favorite storytime blogs for inspiration, I came across "Five Little Dinosaurs" on Mel's Desk - and when I realized she had provided a link to the adorable dinos she'd used, there was no stopping me.

Srsly?!? How cute are these little dinosaurs??
I also loved how Melissa described singing the song:

Five Little Dinosaurs Went Out to Play
(Tune: Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play)

One little dinosaur went out to play
on a giant fern one day.
She had such enormous fun
that she called for another dinosaur to come.

(Cup hand around mouth: "Oh diiiiiiiinnnooosauurrrr!" / slap hands on thighs to make running sounds)

Two little dinosaurs...
Three little dinosaurs...
Four little dinosaurs...

Five little dinosaurs went out to play
on a giant fern one day.
They had such enormous fun
That they played until the day was done! 

Who *wouldn't* come running to play with these dinosaurs?
I printed out the images at the size they were and they are pretty small... you could enlarge them on a copy machine or something like that. But I liked the size they were because they are "little dinosaurs" and they are supposed to be playing on a giant fern (which I just drew on green construction paper myself; put one small teardrop shape at the top and then pairs of teardrops until they are as big as you like, leaving room for the 'stem' to connect them all). The image is black and white, so you get to color them yourself - and I added some extra lines and circles to give the dinos some pizzazz. :D

I came up with a pretty cute craft to go with it, but you'll have to wait until I post about that storytime. Don't worry, though -  Melissa's post reminded me how fun it is to share. :) 

You can find the rest of this week's round up and view past round ups with Anne at So Tomorrow, or click the Flannel Friday button to the right to view the page on Pinterest.

Happy Flannel Friday! 


MelissaZD said...

I love your multi-colored dinos! And fab fernage as well. :) I will check into that pattern and see what I can do, though I agree they are terminally cute at that size. Happy Flannel Fridaying!

Katie said...

Awww, they are so cute when they're small! I will be checking back for your craft as well!

catethelibrarian said...

I'd play with those dinos any day! I've got to spruce up my 5 little dinos.

Library Quine said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment about Pirate Pete over on loonandquines.blogspot.com! This is a lovely flannel, and your ferns are really effective (will remember this technique in future).