Happy New Year!

If I pretend that I waited until the 12th day of the 12th year of the millenium to post, will you believe that this is why it's taken me so long to get back to posting on my blog? ;)

Truth be told, since I last posted, I spent two weeks in Ireland and (up to now) almost two weeks recovering here at work. As you may know, I am a YS librarian newbie and I have a lot to learn and a lot of experiences to get under my belt, so this time of year is crucial for me as it is SUMMER READING CLUB PREP TIME.

Many of my fellow YS librarians are well aware that SRC requires months of planning and that these months begin in January. Without the handy dandy "cheat sheet calendar" left to me by my awesome predesessor, I may have missed the boat on this. But because someone cared enough to throw me a bone, I have picked the dates for Summer Reading, I have booked the kick-off performer for two shows, I've sent out emails to two other programmers I am interested in booking, and I have started ordering the tchotchke-type prizes that are the hallmark of all themed reading programs. :)


Storytimes start up here again next week, so I hope to get back to regular posting then. In the meantime, please enjoy this earworm... will.i.am is awesome and I love this song. :)