flannel friday: rumble, grumble, gurgle, roar!

Woo-hoo! It's my turn to host Flannel Friday!

In anticipation of this ocassion, I got my butt in gear and finished my flannel and picture taking tonight so that I can dedicate myself to my round-up post tomorrow. Here goes:

This coming week is the last week of our second session of storytime. The theme is penguins and I want to try to tell a story with the flannel board - so far, it's been all rhymes and games for me. I found this story while searching "penguin stories" and flannelized it - which was pretty easy to do given how adorable the animation was. (NOTE: I did NOT hear Whoopie Goldberg read the story since my work computer does not have speakers; I am glad because I am afraid it would have influenced how *I* told the story.) The story is abbreviated here in the captions:

Little Penguin was swimming in the icy blue sea when she heard a funny sound - rumble, grumble, gurgle, ROAR! It was her tummy and it meant she was hungry!
So she hopped out of the water looking for something good to eat... and she spotted something white and fluffy!
It was a polar bear!
Little Penguin couldn't eat a polar bear... and the polar bear went back to sleep. But Little Penguin was STILL hungry!
And she saw something plump and brown...
But it was a walrus! 
But Little Penguins can't eat walruses - and the walrus went back to basking in the sun. Little Penguin was still hungry!

Ah-ha! Something shiny and orange - looks so yummy!
Daddy Penguin! If she can't eat a polar bear, or walrus, or a Daddy Penguin, what can she eat? Little Penguin was still SO HUNGRY! 
How about those silver, shiny fish! 
First, I think I am going to need to work on the whole "iceberg" environment - I think I need to add a sheet of white felt to the sheet with the hole so that it goes across the board. Second, I need to pick up some brown felt so I can redo the walrus. The polar bear is in white felt and his head is double-sided so that he can change his expression... which is super fun. :) The walrus is made out of construction paper so I had to use velcro on him. 

NickJr. suggested having kids guess what Little Penguin is trying to eat before advancing through the story - I think I will add a layer of felt to the "snow covers" for the characters so we can do that in storytime, too. 

You can find the rest of this week's round up... oh, wait! Right here! With me! :) You can also view past round-ups with Anne at So Tomorrow, or click the Flannel Friday button to the right to view the flannel board on Pinterest.

Happy Flannel Friday! 


Anne said...

Very cute animals! I am partial to the polar bear despite a love for penguins.

Ms Krystal said...

This is a fun story. And the animals are adorable! I am bookmarking this for my January snow program. :-) Thank you!

Melissa ZD said...

What a great idea to have 2-sided faces for the animals!

Anonymous said...

Cute flannel board, I really like the two sidded head idea :)